DDA Champion: Kirby

Kirby, an Early Childhood Educator of the Developmental Disabilities Association, has been one of the most passionate supporters of the Association. Not only does she work here at the DDA, she also tirelessly advocates for the Association through her own passion of marathon running. Earlier their year, she took part in the Vancouver International Marathon where she ran an entire marathon wearing her DDA t-shirt and before that, handed out DDA fridge magnets and stickers to the general public.


Just recently, Kirby and her friend Dr. Hailey ran the Scotia Bank Half Marathon while promoting DDA again! Talk about some serious dedication to the cause. Thanks Kirby!


And speaking of marathon’s, Joyce and I will be doing a marathon of our own. Unfortunately, we’re not quite as athletic as Kirby, so instead, we’ll be participating in the Blogathon 2009 marathon where we will be staying up for 24 hours to write a blog post every 30 minutes. Sponsor Joyce and I for our marathon and help fund essential programs for people with developmental disabilities! It takes less than a minute to register and sponsor us.


One Response to DDA Champion: Kirby

  1. […] the time to thank those who have helped DDA fundraise and advocate for our cause. There’s Kirby, the fantastic marathoner who has done plenty of advocating for our cause. There’s also Miss […]

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