James Karliner Developmental Disabilities Award 2009

Last June, I had the honor of presenting the James Karliner Developmental Disabilities Award of $500 to Robby Luminarias of Point Grey Secondary School. Robby kindly sent in thanks, a touching letter to Alanna Hendren, Executive Director at the DDA. With permission from his family, I have the letter below:

Dear Ms. Hendren,

I am writing this letter of thanks with the help of my Life Skills teacher, Cara Violini. Thank you for honoring me with the James Karliner Developmental Disabilities Award at my graduation ceremony on June 9, 2009. Thank you to Mr. Tang for coming to Point Grey Secondary to present me with the award.

I am from the Philippines and moved to Canada when I was 7 years old. I had a hard time learning English and making friends. I have been at Point Grey since 2006 and I liked my school. Point Grey has been a good experience for me because I made friends, learned life skills and worked hard at jobs. This year I did popcan recycling, paper recycling, errands in the community, and two formal work experiences: preparing food at St. Mary’s Church in Kerrisdale and bagging groceries at Safeway. I worked very hard this year at Safeway so that I will be able to continue working and practicing my job skills after I graduate. I also participate in bowling through Special Olympics and I will keep doing that after I graduate. This financial assistance will help me get supplies for my work experience and also help fund some respite care.

Thank you for this award,


We wish you all the best, Robby! Your diligence and perseverance have been exemplary, and both will afford you much success in all you do in the future.


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