Annual General Meeting 2009 and the Toskan Casale Foundation

Our Annual General Meeting occured this past Monday at 7:30pm and went smoothly as expected. Although it was an AGM, the atmosphere surrounding the entire evening was informal, light and filled with laughter. All motions were passed quickly and painlessly with no disagreements leaving a lot of additional time after the AGM for people to chat and catch up. It was great seeing smiling faces, our members, interested individuals, clients, as well as members of our Board of Directors.

In addition to our AGM, we had a presentation put on by two students from Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School, Carol and Jessica. The two of them had competed (along with their third team member, Henry, who was unavailable for our AGM) in the Youth and Philanthropy Initiative (funded by the Toskan Casale Foundation) against multiple other teams at Churchill Secondary to represent a charity of their choice. Jessica, Henry and Carol represented the Developmental Disabilities Association for their philanthropy initiative. I had the pleasure of working with both Jessica and Carol to help them create a presentation that properly reflected our mission at the Association: to enable people with developmental disabilities to achieve their full potential. Their presentation was selected as the best presentation from Churchill, and for that, they were awarded $5000 to be given to the Developmental Disabilities Association. The two of them generously took time to come to the Association to present parts of their presentation again, and also to present $5000 to John Neilson, President of the Developmental Disabilities Association.

Our 2007-2008 year has been a fun and successful year, and we look forward to the years to come. A copy of our 2007-2008 Annual Report (A Year of Growth) can be downloaded from this link.


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