Waterside: The Little Hidden Oasis

Joyce and I visited Waterside Child Development Centre today, located in the downtown east side area of Vancouver BC. It was our first time visiting this centre, and we were both admittedly a little bit put off towards the idea of driving down on a Monday morning to one of the least appreciated areas of Vancouver. However, the stigma and generalizations associated with this area quickly faded when we reached Waterside, the Child Development Centre often referred to as “the Little Hidden Oasis” – a name well suited for the refreshing, homely and comfortable atmosphere that Waterside provides.

Leanna Logan, manager at Waterside, works hard not only to provide a fun and safe setting at Waterside, but also to demystifying some of the negativity around the surrounding area. As part of her orientation for new staff, she often does a scavenger hunt with her staff so that they may acquaint themselves with the area and the people in the community. To make things fun, one item staff members were required to get for their scavenger hunt was the phone number of a fireman! Leanna, with the support of her hardworking staff, prove that despite the location of Waterside, Waterside is safe, friendly, clean and educational for the children.

The staff at Waterside really enjoy their work and bond with the centre. As a gift, one staff who left the Association volunteered to paint the nap rooms for the children. One of the nap rooms was painted as an underwater setting with multiple different fish, which were chosen by the children for the staff to paint.

Waterside is looking forward to do some work on their playground sometime this year. Anybody who is interested in volunteering with helping to do renovations on the playground, please email Victor Tang at vtang@develop.bc.ca.

Child Development Centre’s (CDC) at the Developmental Disabilities Association operate like daycares and provide safe, educational and inclusive settings for children to flourish and learn in. Our CDC’s service both typical children and children with special needs. We operate 13 Child and Youth programs throughout Vancouver and Richmond. More information can be found at the DDA website.


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