Graduation @ Point Grey Secondary School

Yesterday, I attended the graduation ceremony of two Life Skills students from Point Grey Secondary School – Zareh and Robby. Each year, the Developmental Disabilities Association, awards a student of integrity and conviction who has pesevered and overcome hardships with a $500 scholarship upon graduation. This scholarship, the Developmental Disabilities Association James Karliner Scholarship, is named after the son (a former student of Point Grey) of our immediate past president of the board, Ronda Karliner. I was happy to be invited by Point Grey to present this scholarship to this years winner, Robby. Robby, at the time unbeknownst to me, was actually a past client of our Leisure Services and Brock Junction programs. His parents took the time to thank me for the award and talked to me a bit more about what they have planned for Robby. 

It was an honour to be at the ceremony and personally present the award to Robby. I’m looking forward to next years ceremony, where we will again be able to recognize another individual who demonstrates their abilities. The DDA will always encourage others to reach their full potential, and Robby is a prime example of someone who has been recognized for those efforts.


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  1. […] Karliner Developmental Disabilities Award 2009 Last June, I had the honor of presenting the James Karliner Developmental Disabilities Award of $500 to Robby Luminarias of Point …. Robby kindly sent in thanks, a touching letter to Alanna Hendren, Executive Director at the DDA. […]

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