Leisure Fair 2009

Guest Blog: This blog entry was contributed by the Developmental Disabilities Association’s Assistant Director of Family Support Services, Terry Schenkel. 

The Leisure Fair is an annual event for families to come and gather information from recreation and leisure service providers. More than 23 different organizations participated in this year’s Leisure Fair. This year, a variety of organizations participated representing people with physical and developmental disabilities. 

Yesterday, I met with members of the Leisure Fair Planning Committee. Each year, we meet for a wonderful lunch to discuss how the information went, things to improve and feedback received from people. We decided to try feedback forms this year and gave out door prizes. It was worth it. The feedback forms provided the committee with the information needed for planning next year’s fair. Overwhelmingly, participants and attendees suggested the event should be held annually, on the same day and at the same time. So, next year’s Leisure Fair will be on May 6 from 6:30 to 8:30. To fit more community organizations into the gymnasium of the Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children, the planning committee decided that activity demos will need to end. Thanks Sirota’s Alchymy for your year’s of support! This change will give us the chance to include another six to eight organizations. Since most family members thought the variety of information at tables was most useful, it made sense to try and fit more organizations into the limited space. We will invite groups related to art therapy and we discovered a few others to invite as well.

Next year, the committee hopes the Leisure Fair will be better advertised through television, radio and print media. The BC Children’s Hospital communication department has offered to be assist with getting the word out. This will be a great help.

As with other years, the Leisure Fair had representation from many different types of sports, recreation and leisure services. We worked hard to reach out to organizations that could participate for the first time and some of them took us up on the offer. They had a great time.

Thanks to the enthusiastic Sunny Hill group for another fun year. See you next year.


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