Just Singing Around 2009

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending Just Singing Around (JSR), at the Vancouver Rowing Club, where the Developmental Disabilities Association was the featured charity. All funds raised from this event go directly to supporting our self-advocate group’s trip to Victoria for a self-advocacy conference hosted by the British Columbia Association for Community Living. This event raises funds on the first Tuesday of every month for a variety of different charities and is put on by the Synergy Foundation.

The Vancouver Rowing Club at Stanley Park

JSR is a fun entertaining evening of singers and songwriters performing their talents for everyone. For $25 this event is a steal, as it comes with a hot dinner, refreshments, desserts and snacks, and talented (and comedic) performers. Attending JSR is a great way to promote social responsibility while having a fun evening out.

Featured performers for the evening include:

  • Angie Inglis, who sang some beautiful heartfelt songs while playing guitar
  • Alex Crabtree, a native of North Vancouver that filled the Vancouver Rowing Club with his powerful voice
  • and Andrea Romolo, who took home 3 Toronto Exclusive Independent Magazine Music Awards for Best Folk Album, Best Female Folk Artist, and Best Blues Song in 20008.

Left to Right: Me, Angie Inglis, Andrea Ramolo, and Alex Crabtree

We also had the charismatic and charming Denalda (“Denny”) Williams as the show MC for the evening. She was hilarious and had all the guests laughing non-stop. After the featured performers and the intermission, we had the regular performers, of which include:

  • Yvonne McSkimming, her rendition of Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World” was unbelievably moving (as well as her other songs!)
  • Mark James Fortin, an amazingly talented artist with an incredible voice and stunning guitar playing (his dad also performed and accompanied him and the other performers brilliantly on the trumpet)
  • and Beverley Elliot, who was not only fantastic to listen to on stage, but also amicable and approachable off stage.

Left to Right: Yvonne McSkimming, Mark James Fortin, Beverley Elliot and Me.

Just Singing Around was definitely a fun and entertaining evening. I’m really looking forward to attending JSR next month!


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