Gazebo Building: Day 2

Tracy, Lionel, Ross and I were back at Arlington finishing up the gazebo just yesterday. We unfortunately, were unable to complete it, but did manage to make quite a bit of progress on it. At first, I thought this would be an easy task that would have taken maybe 2-3 people at most and a couple hours of my day, but building a gazebo is really a lot more difficult than it looks. Thankfully, we had some great volunteers helping out with the landscaping and building of the gazebo.

Left to right: Tracy, Ross and Lionel

Ross securing the framework for the roof

Victor and Lionel securing the roof of the gazebo

Next time, we’re going to need to bring a ladder and a couple of saws. We expect to complete the gazebo (minus the shingling) by next time.

On other news, the DDA will be attending the Recycling Council of BC’s Annual Zero Waste Conference. As an environmentally responsible association, we are happy to partake in the conference and learn about what other companies and organizations are doing in regard to recycling. We are also very happy to announce that the Developmental Disabilities Association has been selected as a winner for RCBC’s prestigious Mobi Award. The Zero Waste Conference takes place this week, so expect a new blog post next week about our time at the conference.


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  1. […] Miss Vancouver: The Face of DDA At the DDA, we’re thankful for all of our wonderful supporters, clients and volunteers. One specific volunteer I would like to thank is Miss Vancouver, Tracy Chand. Tracy, who has previously worked with the DDA at different residential sites, currently works as a school teacher. In addition to her job, she is also running for Miss Petite Canada and tirelessly advocating for us at the Developmental Disabilities Association through speaking to others, attending parades, events and volunteering. […]

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