Gazebo Building

We’re thankful to our volunteers who came out to help us build a gazebo at Arlington Day Program. Last Friday, we had four people (myself included) come out to help build a gazebo. Food and drinks were provided by the DDA for the volunteers. Although we were unable to complete the entire gazebo last Friday, all the volunteers enjoyed themselves and are looking forward to going back to finish building the gazebo. We’d like to thank Lionel Lau, Ross Yalung, and Miss Vancouver’s Tracy Chand (who will be representing Vancouver in the Miss Canada Petite Pageant) for coming out on a bright sunny Friday afternoon to help us with building our gazebo.

Victor Tang and Tracy Chand doing some landscape preparation for the gazebo

Lionel and Ross building the frame of the gazebo

Left to Right: Tracy, Ross, Victor and Lionel

We’re still looking for more volunteers for other events (such as parades), and will likely be finishing up our gazebo this weekend. Interested in helping out with the gazebo or for a parade? Leave us a comment!


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